In the New Year we return – back to work, to socializing and back to a sense of normalcy. As we hang new calendars in the offices and wipe the dust from the past year, we look forward to the days to come.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But what about sharing some of those resolutions across the office this year?

Keeping your office clean and tidy is a team effort, even if you use professional office cleaning services to get the most out of the job.

The best tip for success? Simplicity.

Here are some simple office maintenance ideas – with minimal fuss!

  1. Shop for new important office items

Simple, effective storage of pens, documents and folders will turn workstations from crowded to cultured. Encouraging a neat desk makes office cleaning faster, but also more efficient!

Are you tired of the people who hang their coats on the chairs? Coat hangers are the answer. Make sure everyone has access to them and encourage their use.

Sponges in front of the office entrance are easier to clean and reduce the spread of mud and dirt, especially on wet winter days!

Antibacterial wipes give the benefit of promoting good cleanliness in everyone’s workplace, and reduce dust.

  1. Promise that all workers will keep the office tidy

More hands on deck make the job easier. Encourage everyone to keep their workplace tidy. The benefits of this are not only that the office looks better – it is cleaner, safer and can increase employee productivity.

Cleaning empty cups, throwing rubbish in bins, wiping your feet on the way to work – these are not big gestures; but the results of those who do so are noticeable. Managers, if you lead by example, believe us you will be surprised how much impact it can have!

  1. Better care for carpets

Once you have deep cleaned the office carpet, it can look like new. However, that freshness will soon disappear without proper care.

If all employees agree to take better care of the office carpet in the New Year, you may not have to clean it that often – and you will all have a nicer space to do your work.

By simply adding sponges to the entrances and hallways, you can make a significant difference. It will help keep the mud out and the joy inside.

  1. Stick to your office cleaning plan

Even with all the extra tidiness and care around the office, make sure you stick to the office cleaning schedule.

If everyone is trying to keep things tidy, do it with regular scheduled cleaning and deep cleaning at quarterly or semi-annual intervals. In fact, the New Year is a great time for general office cleaning – it will surely start the year right!

Stick to New Year’s resolutions for cleaning your office all year round by dedicating yourself to cleanliness. And if you need help from a professional commercial cleaning service, the Ekomagija team is here to help! Let our team deal with the most difficult cleaning tasks with the right knowledge and hygiene items carefully selected and used by our staff. Contact us at the following link.