While many businesses use a cleaning service, the actual cleaning is often minimal. Dirt and dust, allergens and pathogens remain in the carpets, on the blinds and deep in office furniture upholstery.

Read about the six benefits of professional commercial cleaning and why you should consider investing in high quality cleaning by Ecomagija’s team.

  1. Increased employee productivity

Some companies think very little about the most important factor in the productivity of their employees – clean air.

Within the walls of the office the air can be contaminated with particles, which are constantly circulating. Dirty, unhealthy indoor air is believed to reduce human cognitive function. Therefore, unhealthy indoor air quality leads to a significant decline in productivity.

  1. Less sick days

Most businesses struggle when viruses spread from employee to employee. Especially during a pandemic, it is important to prevent the spread of any viruses.

Thorough cleaning of the entire workplace is a critical aspect of preventing the spread of viruses. All common areas, including toilets, rest rooms and training rooms must be disinfected. Many companies recognize that investing in contactless waste bins and contactless soap dispensers can be a critical step in ensuring that all common areas are disinfected.

Our professional team can advise you on the most effective protocols and cleaning products to help you limit the spread of dangerous viruses.

  1. Positive, professional look

Imagine: you enter an office that has a dirty carpet, dusty desks and garbage full of crumpled paper and cardboard; or you enter an office that looks untouched, smells nice, and is obviously clean.

The image you project for your clients is an important factor in the success of your business. Improper appearance creates the impression that your business is doing poorly. A clean look, an office with an air that smells fresh and pleasant, creates a subtle impact on customers and visitors – and instills more confidence in the services of your business.

  1. Morale booster

Your employees respond to a cleaner environment, and morale rises. Your employees, when morale is high, help to improve your brand. They post their thoughts on social media, talk to their friends and loved ones, and all of this has a big impact on whether you can attract the talent you need to grow your business.

  1. Long-term cost savings

Much less competent office cleaning companies perform only the most basic cleaning process. Dust stays on top of cabinets, shelves, blinds and hard-to-reach places. Fabric upholstered furniture emits dust and odors. Maintaining your office should include cleaning furniture, shelves, desks, floors and other places without leaving dust, dirt and contaminants. Quality cleaning helps to avoid damage to carpets, with deep-seated dirt that can only be removed by buying a new carpet at a high cost. The savings can be significant in the long run.

  1. Higher quality cleaning

Not all commercial cleaning companies are equal in the level of service they provide. Some, like the Ecomagiјa team, can provide additional services such as deep carpet and upholstery cleaning for better maintenance, cleaner air and a fresher, flawless look. Windows should be shiny, not smudged or dusty. Our range of services covers every need.

Allow our team to handle the most difficult cleaning tasks with the right knowledge and hygiene items carefully selected and used by our staff. Contact us on the following link.