In smaller offices, it is not uncommon to find a checklist where employees share responsibilities. Cleaning with mop around, dusting off the desk…
However, to be honest, cleaning is not what your team is there to do. Even with the best of intentions in the world, some things are missed.

There are many places in the office that everyone often forgets to clean – and a few that everyone hopes will simply disappear if ignored. Here are some of the most likely places in the office that can be found unclean.

Under and behind the bins
Office bins fill up quickly, but in addition to being cleaned several times a week, not much attention is paid to them. The next time you toss a tea bag or banana peel, look at the wall behind the bin. And if you feel brave, the floor under it.

Fire extinguisher
These lifeguards should be inspected and serviced once a year and dusted weekly.
A dusty fire extinguisher will probably work as well as a clean one in a case of an emergency, but it will not do well for the look of your office. So instead of bypassing them, you can wipe out your fire extinguishers.

Buttons and light switches
Light switches and buttons in elevators or copiers are a common sight in many offices. The dirt on them contains a disturbing number of bacteria. Small details can make a big difference. Employees are in direct contact with the copier buttons, elevators and light switches in your office. Assuring that they are clean adds a positive and safe experience for your employees. And don’t forget to dust off the top of the light switches!

They can be a real nightmare to clean! Every cleaner has different tips on how to clean office blinds, depending on the type of blinds. It is only important to wipe off the dust from them regularly to avoid further work later.
If you notice that the blinds in your office are dusty, be aware that this can lead to stickiness, which requires much deeper cleaning in the long run.

Behind and under office furniture
Part of the reason office computers collect so much dust is because they are stored under a desk, not on top of them. The air flow around the office furniture is limited and the particles settle more easily.
It is important to pay attention to the areas behind and under the desk, cabinets, drawers and office machines. These larger objects rarely move, which can form a lot of dust over time. All that dust can be bad for the air quality and your office equipment.

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